Services that build

We offer all aspects of expertise and support to our clients from start to completion



AIRTOWN strives to develop designs that encapsulate the individuality of each client. Our client’s vision of the project is a central element of the integrated approach to the design and development process.

From pre-planning to move-in, AIRTOWN provides our clients with solutions that mitigate and avoid all foreseeable issues.

We will do it all to your specifications; within your time; within your budget.



AIRTOWN understands that building a new home or refurbishing your property represents a long-term investment.

Our reputation for quality, safety, as well as the timely and cost-effective delivery of projects is well known throughout the industry.

AIRTOWN’s team of licensed professionals works on every aspect of your project, keeping strong coordination of job sites with our business partners and subcontractors, and delivering quality projects on time and budget.



  • Cleaning services
  • Caretaking services
  • Furniture, fittings and equipment
  • Window cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Security services
  • Space / move management



From building regulation and compliance matters to selecting the perfect door, and everything in-between … we handle it.

With an increasing pressure to keep construction projects on schedule, managing the construction process efficiently and cost-effectively can result in significant dividends.

From the initial design phase to the final stages of completion, AIRTOWN offers a full range of construction management services that match your construction and refurbishment plans and objectives.

We understand that plans can change, complexity and challenges may emerge during the project life cycle, and when this happens, our construction management experts are always alert to consider all areas of the process, applying knowledge and expertise that puts you back in control.

We’ll help you to deliver your project on time and budget.




Buying or selling a property is a major investment; AIRTOWN will make sure
that it is a good investment. From the earliest point in any transaction our insight, analysis and market knowledge, our building Surveys team will give you a distinct commercial advantage which can save you money but also identify and manage your exposure to risk.

Construction costs estimating

Valuation is paramount for any financial decision an investor or landlord plans to make.

We offer independent valuation and consulting services to our clients under professional and ethical standards.

Our team of professionals include real estate valuation and consulting experts, chartered surveyors, architects and engineers. We provide valuable support in connection with acquisitions, dispositions and financings, enabling clients to make business decisions based on accurate and timely information.


The feasibility study is a crucial element for any construction project. AIRTOWN has extensive knowledge in developing feasibility studies on a wide range of different projects and sectors.

Our feasibility study will give you the grounds to a project and evaluate it in terms of the strengths, weaknesses, resources, finances, and how realistic a project is.

M&E Engineering

AIRTOWN provide all aspects of Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy Services to our clients for both new build and refurbishment projects, from initial concept & feasibility stage through to completion and handover, and can tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients on a project by project basis.

Structural Engineering

The long-term success of any construction project depends on proper preconstruction planning.
Airtown provides engineering design, investigation and analysis services to clients worldwide on projects of every size and level of complexity.

Our structural engineers collaborate with architects, building owners and builders to design elegant solutions for projects of all types, sizes and levels of complexity.



From the supply of solar modules and inverters to the management of solar farm projects… Airtown handles it.

The renewable energy sector is experiencing unprecedented activity across the UK.

While the output of solar farms is variable due to local sunshine, it is also predictable, reliable and dependable – in many cases, more so than ageing coal-fired power stations.

None of the energy options come without limitations. Nuclear power comes with its inherent risks, coal and gas options come with inescapable climate impacts, and bioenergy options often compete with land needed for food and timber requirements.

For that reason, we must maximise the low risk, low-cost options like solar power, and then use complementary options to ensure our power supplies remain dependable.

Our energy supply system is capable of using all of the solar energy options currently planned in UK.